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Interim Management

Interim Executive, Interim CEO, Trustee, Receiver and Turnaround Consultants

Helming & Company P.C. offers a team of tried and proven CEOs and Presidents that we make available to clients to serve in roles as:  Board Members, Interim CEO, Interim COO, CEO, Trustee, Receiver, Coach or Consulting Services in situations when the demand for proven leadership experience is at its peak, including:

  • Business Turnaround
  • Reorganization and Restructuring
  • Bankruptcy
  • Receivership
  • Merger and Acquisition
  • Divestiture and Spin-offs
  • Business Startup or rapid growth
  • Transitions
  • Legal Intervention

We serve the boards of companies or other legal authorities by offering a unique interim CEO, Trustee or Receiver service that solves urgent leadership problems. Ironically, the time when a board or legal authority realizes it needs a change at the top is the time when it's most difficult to recruit a top quality leader on a permanent basis. We solve this problem by deploying one of our Members as soon as needed and then staying active in the company throughout the engagement. We've worked with many leading Venture Capital Firms and Law Firms in Connecticut, New York, and New England, and various Agencies of the State of Connecticut and beyond. They call us when they think a traditional search will take too long or cause them to compromise on quality.

Interim Management

Helming & Company P.C. is engaged to help private and closely held firms handle management emergencies associated with chronic under-performance, illness, legal intervention, death and/or family member conflict. In these cases Helming executives typically assume interim management roles including: CEO, COO, CFO, CRO, Trustee or Receiver.

Once the crisis has been addressed and the stabilization is solidly underway, Helming helps recruit and select replacement management or supervises an orderly liquidation.

Experienced CEO Leadership

We can be an executive recruiting firm engaged to find talent.  More frequently, we are a business turnaround and consulting firm who can immediately supply executives (often within a few days) to companies that can benefit from these tried and proven leaders...

Our Associates have held the titles of Chairman, CEO, President, COO, Trustee, Receiver, Board Member or other top role for many highly regarded corporations. 

Affordable Services

Despite the impressive credentials of our executives, our services are surprisingly affordable.  We often structure a large portion of our fees based on performance, assuring Clients that they receive a favorable return on their investment in our services.

In fact, our CEO Coaching and Board Member services are designed so that even small entrepreneurial, high-growth businesses can affordably access and benefit from our services.

Experienced Executive Leadership

It concerns us that most consultants have never actually run a company nor had meaningful P&L accountability. While traditional "Big 4" and most other Consulting firms typically recruit their consultants right out of college, we believe that your business can best be served by seasoned leaders, who have previously experienced and successfully addressed many of the same issues, problems, and challenges that today's leaders must confront.

Instead of providing clients with academic or theoretical recommendations utilizing a fancy Power-Point presentation like many of our competitors, our executives prefer to roll-up their sleeves, apply their extensive operational and P&L experience, lead people through crisis situations and quickly focus on improving the bottom-line financial performance of a business. 

We require our Associates to have at least 20+ years executive leadership experience, including previous CEO, President, COO or GM roles with annual P&L accountability of $10 million or greater leading a business.  In fact, our current Associates have had full P&L accountability for annual revenues ranging from $10 million to $200 Million, and have led diverse domestic and international teams ranging in size from 20 to 20,000 employees.  

The most common trait among our Associates is their desire to pass along "lessons learned" and "best practices" from years of being in the trenches, with the objective of helping clients avoid common business pitfalls and proactively taking action to maximize the success of the client's organization.

We invite you to review the services we supply along with examples of Client Success Stories that are available on this site, so you may learn more about our company and how we might be able to assist your firm.

Many of our clients seek a consultant, advisor or interim executive for one of three reasons, so we have grouped our Services into three categories: 

  1. Turnarounds
  2. Startups
  3. Transitions

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