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Litigation & Forensic Services

We specialize in the business areas that law firms in Connecticut require for support of their cases:

Forensic Accounting

Forensic accounting, also called financial forensics or forensic auditing, is an area of accounting that creates analytical, documented accounting and other business evidence. This may require reconstruction of business ledgers and other records.

Common disputes that we have investigated include personal injury claims, insurance claims, employee fraud investigations, matrimonial disputes, and business or economic losses, for instance contract disputes and trademark infringements.

Our professionals are some of the most experienced in the state, and are also some of the most specialized; we have professionals with up to seven certifications, including fraud, bankruptcy, and restructuring, as well as tax and accounting.

Litigation Support

For a litigation assignment our professionals can support your case in a variety of ways:

  • Assist in obtaining the necessary documentation to support or refute a claim;

  • Examine the relevant documentation to form an assessment of the case;

  • Review the damages report from the opposing expert;

  • Assist with settlement discussions and negotiations; and

  • Attend the testimony of the opposing expert and others and provide assistance with cross-examination.

Investigative Accounting

With our investigative accounting services, we bring our accounting knowledge and experience to cases where whether misconduct has occurred is in question, or to cases where the extent of the misconduct that has occurred is undetermined. Issues that commonly require investigative accounting services include employee theft, securities fraud, and insurance fraud.

Upon commission, we:

  • Review the situation and offer suggestions for possible courses of action;

  • Assist with the protection and recovery of assets

  • Coordinate with other experts, including private investigators, forensic document examiners, and other experts

  • Assist with any necessary civil action or criminal prosecution.

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