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Seminar on Starting or Running a PROFITable Small Business

A proven step-by-step system to improve your business's profitability and chance of survival.

Welcome to an opportunity that will help ensure the success of your business. Thousands have attended our small business workshops to improve their company profits or to start a successful new business venture. Developed from years of research conducted at Wayne State University, these practical courses have been presented throughout the United States for over 20 years.

We are now offering a convenient, home-study version of these successful workshops. This program includes a comprehensive 250+ page workbook, a 7 hour audio recording teaching series, 1 YEAR of UNLIMITED SUPPORT, and a 30-day unconditional money back guarantee!

Our two self study courses, "Starting a PROFITable Small Business" and "Running a PROFITable Small Business" are practical courses, with real world application. Using the workbook and a calculator, you will work through actual case studies, focusing on the most common small business problems, and learning our step-by-step approach for dealing with them effectively. Topics covered in these information packed courses include:

Starting a PROFITable Small Business
  1. Do you have the "right stuff" to open a small "business"?
  2. How to determine the right business for you.
    • Buying an existing business.
  3. How to determine if "opportunity is knocking."
    • ​Where to get customer information.
    • Where to locate & what to name your business.
    • How to price your product  service.
  4. How to determine if your business will be profitable.
    • ​Determining your start-up costs.
    • Calculating future profits and cash flow.
    • Record-keeping.
  5. Legal and tax issues in starting a business.
  6. Where and how do you get the money
    • ​Determining how much money you will need.
    • How to put together a business plan.
Running a PROFITable Small Business
  1. How to give your business a "fiscal exam."
    • ​Reviewing why businesses fail.
    • Finding out where all the cash goes.
  2. How to increase your sales.
    • ​How to write powerful advertising.
    • How to get referrals.
  3. How to better control your inventory.
    • ​Determining the right amount of inventory.
  4. How to find, train, and motivate employees.
    • ​Independent contractor games.
  5. How to control business overhead.
    • ​How to control bad debt expense.
  6. How to reduce taxes and still sleep at night.
    • ​How to reduce the chances of an audit.
    • How to survive an audit.

Just one good idea can pay for the entire course!

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