Sale of Business

The sale of a business can arise as a business owner’s primary objective, or as a response to a business turndown, refusal of financing, loss of the major customer, etc.

Because we are specialists in businesses in transition and know and serve banks and law firms, we know how to best take the steps along the way.

We can take you from valuing your business to writing an Offer Letter and seeking a strategic buyer where pricing will be optimal or selling on the worldwide market. Our proven formula will seek to obtain the best price possible for you.

We market internationally, through all relevant publications and websites, and also identify and send targeted marketing letters. It would be difficult to find all this Connecticut capability in the market of $1-50MM U.S. companies. We also close the deal (due diligence, etc.)

Conversely, we have also helped buyers seek strategic acquisitions and/or performed due diligence to ensure you obtain your best value in the business acquisition. Need a good legal referral? We work with some of the best attorneys and law firms in CT. Our experience and relationships will help you get the deal done right.

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