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Sales Marketing Improvements

We apply proven strategies and modern systems to companies that want to improve their sales and marketing focus. We describe it as that because we do not need to teach you about your own product and industry. However, we can recommend several practices:

  • That you monitor contact made with the customer and the key sales personnel on all prospects appropriately.
  • That you have a system that tracks all customer contact, and sets reminders for the next contact. The new version of this software is called is CRM = Customer Relationship Management software. Although it can also be done on Excel or on index cards.
  • That you know target margins and competitor prices, and have the right strategy for bidding price.
  • That you focus on margins, both the best and the worst all year, in order to provide upward pressure to any newly bid projects.
  • That you understand variable and fully absorbed cost on every product.

On these principles, we have designed marketing strategies for companies from $1-50MM: Media buy, internet, advertising in publications, etc. Call or write us!

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