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Helming & Company can be engaged to speak at your business or organization. For organizations, we can present our seminar solely for the opportunity for exposure to your group.

Topics which we have presented include:

  1. How to Read and Understand a Financial Statement

  2. Why Keep Records

  3. How to Give Your Business a "Fiscal Exam"

  4. Selecting the Right Structure for Your Business

  5. How to Increase Sales

  6. Target your Customers

  7. Successful Advertising Strategies

  8. How to Control Inventory

  9. How to Find, Train and Motivate the "Perfect Employee"

  10. How to Control Overhead

  11. Improving Business Profits

  12. Avoiding the Cash Crunch ? Cash Flow Budgeting and Forecasting

  13. Theory and Tactics of a Financial Turnaround

  14. Effective Business Cash Management or Avoiding the Cash Crunch

  15. Tax Planning strategies

  16. Getting a Bank Loan

  17. Keeping it all in the Family

  18. How to Slash Taxes and Still Sleep at Night

  19. "Denial" is not a River in Egypt

  20. Business Growth and Management Style

  21. Securing your Business Financing

  22. Ten Ways to Protect Your Business

  23. Location can Mean Everything

  24. 360 Degrees of Financial Success

  25. Get Your Message Across - Clear Communications Count

  26. Believe and you will achieve

  27. Everyone should share in success

  28. Negotiating the Best Deals

  29. Buying a Business- What are the Drivers?

  30. Fraud the current knowledge and statistics to deal with

  31. How to Start a Successful Small Business

  32. How to Run a Successful Small Business