Partners and shareholders need to have complementary talent and aren’t valuable to each other if they are always of the same mind, and sometimes this results in a dispute when opinions differ materially regarding the direction of a business.

Differences can also arise in the amount of draw or spending a stakeholder takes that is over and above the expectations of the other(s). Or in the amount of talent or value that a partner evolves to contribute to a business’s changing needs.

These differences should be mitigated with solid discussion and shareholder or partnership agreements, and if unresolvable, with an equitable sale, acquisition, or splitup.

We are experienced in closely-held business disputes all the way from creation to dissolution and litigation, and we know how to mitigate disagreements, and if necessary, execute the business transactions that are called for to resolve the parties’ business situation for the short- and long-term, including mediating and creating new businesses for purposes of partners going in new directions.  

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