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Business Analysis & Coaching

"I just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks again for all your help. Your system for monitoring cash flows with the activity index has been nothing short of amazing for predicting problems weeks before they occur. If this was the only thing I learned from you, your fee would be repaid to me a hundredfold.
I also appreciate the help you gave me in navigating the rocky waters of banking and lending practices. Your explanation of ratios was a revelation into the hidden mind of the banker!
I still have a copy of your treatise of what I hope will be your first book. I believe it contains information that every small business owner needs about what it takes to survive and thrive from a money perspective. I want a signed copy when you get it published!
I hope to be in contact with you soon, as I am pursuing two interesting acquisition targets. I will be in touch."
S.M., President

"As a small business owner, I highly recommend Helming & Company to anybody looking to feel more in control of their finances!

My husband and I first met Carl close to a year ago when we initially felt like we needed to take the next step to grow our business. From the beginning Carl was open and responsive — he met with us just to get a sense of how things were going & offer advice, but if you want the honest truth, we just weren’t ready to hear what he had to say at the time. I remember after he left I felt scared to face the reality of our numbers, so we decided to go with someone else who we thought fit our budget better. After almost a year of really awful (and scary) experiences with not one but two other accountants that wasted both our time and our money, Carl, Michelle, and Sue stepped in and within a month had our entire year straightened out (with amendments to boot!) so more money could come back into our pockets. We finally feel like we are in a place where we can not only begin to get a plan together, but really work toward growing our future.

Michelle has been EXTREMELY helpful and reliable in keeping us up to date and answering all of our questions and that alone has lifted such a weight off our shoulders.

So if you’re like me and find yourself afraid of numbers, Helming & Company definitely make things quick, easy, and way less painful "


J. S. H., Owner


“I love Helming and Company!  I met Carl Helming 20 years ago when our company was in dire need of advice and help. Carl gave us fantastic support and has stood by our side for two decades. His firm, with Sue, and Ann Marie and the rest of his amazing staff, have helped me in my business and in my personal taxes and I have the utmost respect for their expertise. 

If you want any kind of business help or advice - call Helming and Company. I give them 5 stars!! 

S. J. W., President and Owner

"I have always been impressed with Carl's continued and extensive efforts to be well versed and current in his professional field. He covers a broad array of topics enhancing his value as a resource for his clients. He exhibits a rare desire to understand the basis for why we do the things we do in our professional environment. He is always available to provide an understanding or to undertake an analysis of a proposed action to determine its applicability and appropriateness. He has become a respected source of knowledge for me to tap and to test proposed actions.

I have retained Mr. Helming to be the accountant for a company to which I served as the Chapter 11 trustee. In that role, Carl served his client with the highest of integrity in an extremely trying set of circumstances. He always provided the best of professional skills, even at a personal financial cost to himself under the conditions imposed by the court. He lived up to his commitments, and some may say exceeded his commitments in this circumstance.
I enjoy and value Carl on a personal basis. He is willing to share his experience and give personal time to explore the personal issues surrounding an assignment."
G. B., Trustee
"Having had the opportunity to work with Carl Helming for almost three years now, I have developed the highest respect for his management skills. Motivated, hard working and perceptive, Carl would be a valuable asset, addition or adjunct to any organization. As President, I am closely involved with financial reporting, monitoring of my company's business operations, and cash management functions. Carl clearly demonstrates an overall understanding of these areas that transcends the usual. Carl's expert guidance and genuine concern for his clients has been invaluable to the successful establishment of my company.
Carl's impressive communication skills provide him with the unique ability to promote and advance a position either within or outside his organization He is one of the best negotiators I have been associated with. Importantly, Carl has engendered a high degree of respect and loyalty from his clients, co-workers, and subordinates."
T. M. D., President
"I made the acquaintance of Carl Helming in the Fall of 1995. I had an immediate rapport with him based on his personality, appearance, professional behavior and his personal interest in the affairs and problems of a new client. He conveyed a quiet confidence and imparted hope. He came highly recommended by the partnership of a well-known law firm. I hired him then and there.
In the months that have elapsed since our initial meeting - I have been gratified to find that my initial impressions of Carl's reliability and strength have been shown to be accurate, even under situations of great stress and pressure.
Carl has a tremendous level of quiet relentless energy that fuels his pursuit of excellence. He works extremely hard and long and his efforts have born very positive results in our business. Carl is constant, dependable, of upright character and demonstrates a lifestyle based on virtue. These are indispensable attributes in a world of glossy résumés where applicants all too often lack the depth of character needed to till a position of great responsibility.
Our business, a tire retail and automotive center, is benefiting greatly from the efforts and expertise that Carl has injected into our organization. We are very pleased with his services and would recommend Carl without hesitation for any position of responsibility. He is a brightly shining star in an often-overcast night of professional mediocrity. He deserves our highest recommendation, and we wholeheartedly extend it to the readers of this letter."
S. W., President
"Carl Helming has been our accountant and consultant for eight months. We have had several accountants and management consultants and are pleased to have finally someone who can get the job done! In two months, Carl Helming and his associate Joanne Zatarain solved the problems with our automated accounting system that our previous accountant and consultant had not solved in two years."
The success Carl and Joanne have had in helping us identify and solve business problems is a result of their ability and desire to understand our organization, the people in our organization and our industry as a whole. Carl and Joanne are intelligent, professional and personable. They are a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend their services."
G. B., Vice President
"Over the many years I have known Mr. Helming, he has handled many insolvency and reorganization situations and usually was able to divert clients with troubled situations from the necessity of bankruptcy. I have been privy to several of these situations and have found his ability to handle the situation, creditors and clients to be outstanding. Much time has been spent in the most recent three years in the insolvency and reorganization (turnaround) areas as the Northeast (and more particularly New England) was hard hit by this recession. Many of his current clients were not in need of these services as to his planning and tutelage, which avoided these problems. Much of this type of work has come from new clients who came to Carl Helming for assistance required but unavailable by their prior financial advisors. In fact, we feel strongly enough of the quality of his services that we asked for his assistance on several occasions."
R. A. P., CPA
"I have been acquainted with Carl Helming on a personal and business level for over thirty plus years. Even in college, Carl's quest for excellence served as an example and a motivating force for all of his classmates including myself.
Carl's early experience with a national accounting firm and subsequently, with a start-up company as their CFO helped increase his technical knowledge and shape his entrepreneurial skills. Later in his career, Carl was CFO of a large, privately held manufacturer and subsequently founded Helming & Co. During his career, Carl has distinguished himself as a successful businessman and a respected professional.
I have worked with Carl on several mutual clients and have the highest regard for Carl's ability as a financial adviser. Carl's extensive experience while in the private sector provides a particularly effective skill set to advise closely held businesses. Helming & Co.'s ability to provide such "controllership" type services is unique in the public accounting profession."
J. D. P., CPA
"In April of '92 I engaged Helming & Company, P.C. to provide accounting services as I was dissatisfied with my current accountant. As a multi-location wholesale distribution company, which had experienced rapid growth during the 80's, Connecticut's recession-stricken economy demanded close attention of astute accountants. Our situation needed a "turn-around" and we got it.
Early in our relationship with Helming & Company, P.C. it became apparent that their realm of expertise extended well beyond tax accounting. Helming & Company, P.C. now provides management advisory services for all aspects of our business. Services Helming & Company, P.C. has provided thus far include:
Tax accounting

Recovery of overpaid taxes

Preparation of financial statements

Negotiations with financial institutions resulting in a greatly expanded line of credit

Cash flow analysis budget preparation

Personnel evaluations resulting in a streamlined, more efficient workforce

Analysis of an inventory in excess of 1 million dollars resulting in strategies to improve Liquidity dramatically

Work with our credit dept: evaluating policies and collections methods

Developing a revised commission/incentive plan

Ongoing consultation on data processing issues
In all of these areas, Helming & Company's work has been thorough, and the quality, exemplary. Most importantly, our return on investment has greatly exceeded our expectations."
E.B., President
"We have done business with Helming & Company, P.C. since January 1995.
We are a family owned business with five owners (siblings) as working managers in different areas. Our Company had deep financial problems making every aspect of our business difficult.
Carl and his colleagues helped us to set up guidelines and procedures for us to follow. They have worked with us every week and taught us a great deal. Our bookkeeping is now up to date and our reports reflect our situation in an immediate and accurate manner Our Company is moving forward and becoming a very successful business that we all can be proud of again.
It has been a pleasure to work with Carl and Joanne. Their help to me has been immeasurable!
I feel that our Company has improved a great deal in the past year. If Helming & Company, P.C. had not assisted us; I believe that we would not be in business today.
I would highly recommend their work and expertise to any company wanting to improve or solve a problem"
M.M.L., President
"During the five years that I was Vice President and Regional Manager for Commercial Lending at ***, I came to rely on the expertise of Carl Helming.
Carl Helming was a very helpful resource in assisting some of our commercial customers to understand their problems. His knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm enabled our commercial customers to map out specific action programs and controls, to return to profitability."
R.F., Vice President
Hi, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of the hard work and assistance you have offered over the last three years to the ___. We greatly appreciate not only your ongoing commitment to support our work by offering reduced rate services in support of the important mission of the ___, but also want to thank you for the high quality and professional services we have received from all Helming staff. I have never felt like a non-profit or discount client, even though our invoices may reflect that! Thanks again for providing us world class service and assisting us to maximize the impact we can have statewide and beyond by stretching our scarce budget. Your support is more valuable than you can imagine and we look forward to working with you all for many years to come. Sincerely, MR
Dear Carl:

It was nice to see you.   Thank you very much for your time and for your kind help and support. Thank you very much for agreeing to be our official Financial Adviser.  Many poor children will enjoy the benefit from your generosity.  We could only do this work with the generous support of donors such as you.  I sincerely appreciate your active interest and commitment to supporting our work with poor and underprivileged children of Bangladesh and around the world.  I know we can have great success in meeting our goals with the help of people who are as concerned and thoughtful as you are. 
You have played an important role in the success of our organization.  The work DCI is doing today would not have been possible without your help and support.  I am sure that your commitment and leadership will give us new direction to create a stable, strong and transparent financial infrastructure.  Together we can win the fight against child labor, hunger, and poverty. When like-minded people combine their strengths and work together, the possibilities are endless! 

Thank you again for your commitment to DCI's mission and programs; thank you for your continued help and support.  Together we can change the world one child at a time.
With kindest regards,
Executive Director, DCI

Professional Accounting & Tax Support
We would like to thank you for taking the time to sit with us on Monday to hear and answer our many questions. We feel very comfortable with you and look forward to doing business with you in the future.
Best Regards,
S. A. P. D. & C.
Enclosed is the IRS approval of...I can't thank you enough for picking up my ministry back in the Fall and making me aware of everything.
Thank you so much again and...
Rev. Dr. R. M.
I just wanted to express a note of thanks to you for your patience, understanding and assistance in preparing and filing my taxes. Through your combination of professional competency and compassionate forbearance, you have taken what is essentially a traumatic annual experience and transformed it into an occasion of growth and understanding for me. Thank you for maintaining a humanistic dimension to an intimidating process.
G. B.
Please extend my gratitude to the members of your office. They all receive “A Plus� in my book.
"Re: Noteworthy Performance of Helming & Company, P.C. as Accountants for (___).
As the Trustee, I retained Helming & Company, P.C. as the accountants for the debtor. The services provided by the accounting firm were particularly noteworthy and invaluable to the quick resolution of this case as a Chapter 11 case. The firm provided immediate and detailed guidance to a company that was devoid of any reliable financial systems, financial statements, reliable cash statements or functioning financial department.
Due to the financial guidance provided by Helming & Company, P.C., I, as Trustee, was able to provide the first reliable management financial statements for the company in its history. The representative for the equity holder confirmed this fact to me. Once this financial information was assembled and we determined that the debtor would not have the financial resources to reorganize, as Trustee, I moved that the case be converted to Chapter 7. Although we determined that there would be insufficient cash to pay administrative fees, the accounting firm still continued to provide certain valuable assistance that enabled the debtor to realize a higher price for its assets under liquidation.
The accounting firm of Helming & Company, P.C. brought experience with companies in bankruptcy and a broad range of skills including computer systems knowledge to this assignment. Few other accountants or accounting firms would have been able to cope with the hands-on day-to-day issues that confronted this team that worked for the Debtor. I would recommend that future debtors retain Helming & Company, P.C. as their accounting firm."
G. B., Trustee
As the Interim Chief Financial Officer of Adamco, Inc., Carl demonstrated a thorough understanding of manufacturing in all areas. He provided leadership by directing the installation of a process cost system and directed several manufacturing studies that improved system efficiencies and controlled costs.
Carl was a key member of the management team and showed a high degree of expertise in solving many operational issues that faced the business. He was forward looking in his approach and exhibited a high degree of integrity. He used short-term numbers as a tool to develop meaningful business plans based on what was happening in the marketplace.
Personally and professionally, I would highly recommend Carl for any business needs that you may have."
"Mr. __ has provided expertise in helping set up the accounting systems, deal with payroll issues and taxation, prepare financial statements, develop business plans, and prepare tax returns. He has also given me sound financial advice on a personal level.
In 1991, ___ provided extensive financial and accounting services to a Florida limited partnership named Minority Broadcasting Ltd., in which I was a 70% owner. His performance in that venture as a knowledgeable Certified Public Accountant was exemplary, and gained the high respect of the other parties to the transaction, as a gentlemen of high moral and ethical character who knows how to be fair to all parties, and get the job done in a timely and cost effective fashion."
S. P.
"Over many years I have used the professional services of Carlton E. Helming, CPA, and Helming & Company, P.C., with great satisfaction. Helming & Company, P.C. has been diligent, accurate and timely in all my professional and personal dealings with it. I am pleased to recommend Mr. Helming and his staff and associates to you."
Atty. R. G.
"This letter serves to articulate the high esteem we hold for Jose Oaks of Helming & Company, P.C., whom we've known for approximately three years.
We have seen him perform as an instructor. More accurately, we have benefited from his teaching. Professionally, he is a gifted teacher of great insight with a keen ability to put across an idea or concept without putting a person down. He is sensitive to nuances of expression, and seems to intuitively know how to assist one in arriving at a logical (and accurate) conclusion. His interaction with others is very positive.
He is highly intelligent and thoroughly knowledgeable in his fields of expertise. A modest man, he does not "lord" his intelligence over others. In several instances, we have observed him to be unflappable and cordial. These twin strengths have been observed in social as well as professional settlings.
We serve on the same board and have worked rather closely with him on different projects. He has been our instructor; he remains our friend. We are honored to know this modest man of such principles and uncompromising integrity. Without reserve, we feel he is an asset to your institution."
R. & C. R.
Joe and I would like to take this time to thank all of you for the excellent professional service you have provided for us --- equally important for the genuine, friendly concern for us as people and not just an account number.
We are very happy that we had the pleasure of working with you and if ever are crazy enough to go back into business - you will be our accountants. We will also recommend your services to anyone we meet that is looking for a good accounting firm. We would also like for you to continue to do our personal tax work for us.
K. & J. D.
"My sincere "Thanks" to Sue, Joanne, Jacki and whoever else made my job easier through their years of handling my family's account.
You were always very professional - but personable as well, which I really did appreciate.
What more can I say.

Litigation Support

"I am an attorney practicing primarily personal injury and family law within several counties in the State of Connecticut. I have had opportunity to use the services of Helming & Company, P.C. as business appraisers with respect to a fairly complex small business that presented several obstacles in analyzing its value. Helming & Company, P.C. and specifically Carl Helming, provided me with a solid understanding of valuation principles and an insightful analysis which led to the ultimate resolution of a highly contested dissolution action. Without the assistance of Helming & Company, P.C. I am confident that we would not have been able to achieve such a favorable result for my client.
I highly recommend the services of Helming & Company, P.C. , both for the experienced practitioner and the attorney without a significant background in business valuations."
Atty. R.S.S.
"As counsel for an intermediate nursing care facility, I have been involved in the negotiations and consummation of complex agreements concerning the purchase of shareholder interests, the restructuring of the licensee corporation, the expansion of the facility into a skilled care designation and the related financing. In performing these tasks I was ably assisted by Carlton E. Helming, CPA, who provided me with necessary valuations of the business, its stocks and assets. Mr. Helming's work was accurate, timely and of valuable assistance in bringing an amicable end to protracted and sometimes bitter negotiations."
R.G., Esq.
"Thank you very much for taking the time to talk to us. Your information and insight was much appreciated. Your ability to expeditiously understand and interpret the information provided to you was very impressive and informative. I can well understand why you are in great demand to perform forensic accounting services and to testify in court…"
State's Atty. M. D.
" This is to confirm the conclusion of our recently resolved complex accounting court matter. It was mainly through your diligent efforts as our accounting consultant and expert witness that this case was successfully resolved. Our mutual client agrees with me that your accounting skills and forensic capabilities as well as the excellence of your support staff has led to this excellent resolution.
I also want to comment on your tireless efforts while working with our team and me. Only through these efforts were we able to present a documented analysis to the court in the form of a report that brought about the favorable result.
As a forensic expert in accounting and business with litigation experience your skills were not only necessary, but they were much appreciated.
We look forward to doing business with you in the future."
Atty. S. I. T.

Forensic Accounting

"I had the privilege of meeting Mr. Helming during our participation in the Association of Insolvency and Restructuring Advisors'(AIRA) certification process and in subsequent professional activities. During these sessions and in subsequent sharing of technical information and consulting relative to our specializations, I have grown to respect Carl's experience and abilities in dealing with bankruptcies and troubled company workout situations including the fraud related activities associated with these type situations.
I have found him to be an extremely competent CPA, CIRA and CTP with exceedingly meaningful experience dealing in the financial troubled company arena. He has also dealt on numerous occasions with the fraud matters that typically accompany these type engagements.
Mr. Helming's CPA practice is a traditional full service firm and Certified Public Accounting organization that also includes the unique "boutique" services that are normally only associated with a single practice unit organization. His areas of expertise are very extensive and in very much demand in the regional area that he services."
F. W. M., CPA

It is with great pleasure that I provide this recommendation for Helming & Company, P.C.
On March 20, 2000, I was appointed the trustee of three closely related chapter 11 debtors, each of which operated a Dunkin Donuts franchise. With approval of the Bankruptcy Court, I retained Helming & Company, P.C. as the estates’ accountant. The firm quickly assessed the situation of the debtors, that there were no records regarding prior operations, that they had been operated as a single entity without any regard to corporate separation, that there were no procedures in place for employees to follow regarding the management of money.
Helming & Company, P.C. quickly put into place procedures for the manager of each store to follow. Employees were questioned regarding the operations prior to my appointment. Helming & Company, P.C. discovered that sales tax on sales were being improperly recorded by employees, in accordance with the instructions of prior management. This was corrected immediately and the sales tax fraud was reported to the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services.
In addition, Helming & Company, P.C. acted on my behalf with the Connecticut Departments of Revenue and Labor regarding my appointment and the effect that had upon the operations of the stores and reporting to the departments. Helming & Company, P.C. prepared the monthly operating reports I was required to file with the Court and timely prepared all tax returns. The tax returns were, in part, based upon partial and reconstructed records relating to operations prior to my appointment.
Without hesitation, I would retain Helming & Company, P.C. in any complex matter in which I was involved.
B. H. K., Atty.
As a partner of the law firm and beneficiary of a continuing professional relationship with Helming & Company, P.C.Helming & Company, P.C., I value this opportunity to write in support and admiration of Carl Helming and his colleagues and staff.
Our law firm has worked with Helming & Company, P.C. since early 1997, most often in litigation related matters. We have repeatedly experienced, among other things, that firm’s abilities to (1) decipher, organize and interpret financial records, (2) forecast and project financial transactions and events (3) render tax and business advice, and (4) simplify and explain various business and accounting terms, concepts, practices and ethical standards.
In summary, it is without hesitation that I recommend Helming & Company, P.C. for any professional relationship that demands hard work, attention to detail, specialized knowledge and only the highest level of ethical and professional commitment. 
Atty. E. P. S.,
Helming & Company, P.C. (“Helming�) has requested that I write this letter of reference in support of its application to be considered for the assignment of work awarded by the State of Connecticut (the “State�), which encompasses the reviewing and/or auditing of companies that have borrowed money from the State. In my opinion, Helming is well suited and highly qualified to do such work.
I am a member of the law firm of Pullman & Comley, LLC. I have been practicing for close to 20 years primarily in the areas of bankruptcy and commercial law. As a bankruptcy practitioner, I have worked with Helming on numerous occasions in connection with both Chapter 11 and Chapter 7 proceedings as well as outside the bankruptcy arena, in general commercial and litigation matters. On each and every occasion, Helming has provided thorough, efficient and professional services.
Helming’s experience in the Chapter 11 arena representing debtors, trustees and creditors makes Helming particularly suited to audit companies who have borrowed money from the State. Accountants in a Chapter 11 proceeding are often charged with the task of reviewing the accounting procedures used by Debtors, including the review of expenditures, identifying areas of weakness with a goal towards making recommendations that will assist the company becoming more fiscally responsible and stable. Clearly this experience makes Helming uniquely qualified to fulfill the needs of the State.
In particular, I have worked closely with Carl Helming, Joanne Zatarain and Mary Bimonte at Helming, all of whom I found to be extremely professional and highly capable people.
I recommend Helming & Company, P.C. without reserve.
E. J. A., Atty.


"...Anyway, I just wanted to express my personal thanks and complete satisfaction and admiration at the way in which you conducted yourself throughout this trying Arbitration. You were professional to the end, and we are so grateful that we had you do the Arbitration for us. Without your tireless efforts in maintaining your cool under extremely ridiculous circumstances1 the successful outcome might have been otherwise.
It has been truly a wonderful time working with you. I hope under different circumstances that our paths may cross in the future."
D. H., Vice President

Friends of the Firm

Dear Mr. Helming.
Thank you for the box of chocolates you gave me. I hope you have a Happy New Year. Our Golden Retriever, Jessica, says hello.
Your friend,
" At its October 10 meeting, the Wallingford Symphony Orchestra Board of Directors voted to accept, with deep regret, your resignation.
One cannot begin to verbalize the debt the symphony owes you for the guidance you have provided, expertise you have offered, financial commitments you have made, time you have devoted, friendships you have cultivated, and so very much more. Although we do understand your need to leave, we consider it a great loss...and had we had our "druthers", we would not have let you go!
On behalf of the entire Board of Directors, Music Director and musicians, please accept my most heartfelt wishes for all that life has to offer you, both personally and professionally. We look forward to seeing you at symphony concerts and hope you will always stay in touch with us. You have made significant contributions to the WSO that will last a very long time. Thank you."
J. W. H., President 

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