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Corporate Transitions

The need for change in your business can be driven by a desire to improve sales, expand into new markets, launch new products or become more efficient.  Naturally, Transitions must also occur in connection with business mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, divestures or corporate restructurings.  Careful change management planning must also be addressed when introducing new technologies, processes, reengineering, or other corporate-wide initiatives are undertaken.

All these changes impact people.  Often, not only are your employees affected, but your clients, suppliers, investors and shareholders as well.

When your organization determines that change is necessary, it is critically important that all of your stakeholders quickly get on the same page.  Everyone impacted by change has a strong need to understand the change, participate in formulating what the changes will be, gradually adapt to the change, and clearly understand both their role in helping the change happen and adapting to the change by acquiring new skills, possibly a new role in the company, or by changing their work behavior to accept the realities of a new environment. 

Our executives are not only highly skilled and experienced in leading significant corporate change, but are also very sensitive to the impact that the changes have on your workforce, clients, investors and others.  That is why we often describe our role as a Change Management Coach, with the objective of helping everyone successfully adapt.  Successfully guiding change at a company requires a strong, patient, disciplined leader skilled at motivating a highly diverse workforce. 

Key Benefits

  • Implementing change is not "business as usual" and requires specific leadership skills;
  • Change Management Coaches have proven success in guiding companies through change;
  • A seasoned coach can significantly reduce the amount of time needed to execute change;
  • Relying on a change expert reduces the risk of failure;
  • Experienced Change Leaders are experts in helping people adapt to change;

Since successful change requires specific, highly valued leadership skills, retaining the services of a Change Expert on an "As Needed" basis is economical and cost justifiable.


Capability 1:  Change Management Coach

We can lead, execute and guide specific projects tasked with delivering measurable results.  For example, we can be engaged to help launch new products or divisions, tasked with attaining specific revenue results within prescribed timeframes.  Alternatively, we can implement various technologies; operational improvement and reengineering initiatives tasked with delivering measurable cost savings, improved processing times or higher levels of customer service. 

Capability 2:  Change Assessment and Planning

Your company may already recognize problems and symptoms, but lack a clear understanding of the underlying root cause.  We can be engaged to evaluate specific portions of your business, identify opportunities for improvement and then be tasked with executing specific changes aimed at achieving measurable performance benefits.

Capability 3:  Interim Transition Change Agent Role

Mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, divestures, integrations and other significant events typically lead to a considerable amount of internal politics as executives scramble to protect turf and best position themselves to survive the change.  Those transitions that were successfully completed in the shortest timeframes, yielding the most favorable results for organizations are always those that were led by a seasoned, external, Transition Change Agent.

Our Associates are highly skilled and experienced at leading significant corporate change at a wide variety of domestic and international corporations in many industries.

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